My projects

Working in one job all day long sounds a little dull to me, so I like to have a number of things going on. This is what I am currently involved in:

Peppermint Source |  This is a full-service outsourced marketing solution for companies who don’t have the skills, staff or time to do their own marketing strategy and/or project management in-house. Our clients include a number of agencies (we provide strategy – particularly social media and content strategy services to them) and technology companies (who outsource their entire marketing function to us). With a focus on strategy, we look at marketing, brand, digital, social media and content strategies – as well as Facebook and Twitter content generation and community management (moderation). Our experience and network of specialist, skilled freelancers and small companies means clients benefit from high quality marketing strategy and implementation, for less than the cost of hiring a traditional agency or in-house marketing team.

Freelancentral |  I launched this online directory of freelancer portfolios to support the creative/marketing/advertising industry in South Africa in early 2006. Currently we have over 6,000 freelancers listed with us. As a freelancer myself, I saw the need for a centralised place where clients could find reputable freelancers, and where freelancers can promote themselves.

This Is Why I Travel  |  Photos and experiences from my travels around the world.

Photography  |  I focus (pun intended) on fine art and travel photography, and am currently doing a 365 project on light.


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