Posted by: Jo Duxbury | 17 November 2009

Freelancentral one of SA’s top 30 tech start-ups

Yesterday a new index was launched, listing the tech start-ups in South Africa – the SASI Top 30. And my company, Freelancentral, has just squeaked in there!

The index measures things like the business’s idea, funding, international potential, and site traffic.

We’re a little further down the line from being a start-up, having been around for over four years now, but are still looking to make significant changes and enhancements to the site, including a new revenue model, in order to zoom into the growth phase in a big way. And of course, our new division, Peppermint Source, is launching soon.

What thrilled me more than being in the list (although that is pretty cool) is that Freelancentral is one of the companies that has been picked out and named in some of the journalistic coverage of SASI’s launch. That’s fantastic publicity for us and who knows, maybe we will attract an angel investor to help up do the upgrades we want to do to the site. 🙂

P.S. And it was my birthday yesterday, so this was quite a nice gift!


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