Posted by: Jo Duxbury | 6 September 2009

Big steps

Three things are happening in my business in the space of a month which are both a little overwhelming and very exciting:

1. I’m officially launching a new division of Freelancentral, which will be an outsourced marketing consultancy. Already we’ve been working with a number of clients as their ‘virtual marketing manager’, helping them with their marketing, from strategy to implementation. It seems that there are companies out there who shy away from using agencies (because of perceived costs, agency-speak and – dare I say it – intimidation?) but who are not sure what sort of freelancers they need – or what they should ask them to do. That’s where I step in – offering a service that’s somewhere between freelancer and agency. Of course being able to draw on the Freelancentral pool of over 4,000 freelancers really helps when it comes to the implementation! But more about this soon…

2. I’m about to sign a lease for my first office premises ever. Working from a home office has been wonderful, but it’s time to get some dedicated space for the business. I’ve managed to find a place where I need only sign for 12 months, so that’s a little less scary. And I’m optimistic that we’ll need more space by this time next year anyway. The fun part is visualising what our idea working environment should be like – budget permitting, of course. There won’t be a nasty beech veneer desks, credenza or steel filing cabinet to be seen!

3. I’ve got an assistant and freelance project manager on board. It’s fantastic to be able to pass work over to them to handle. My workload had increased massively this year to the point where I’ve been having nightmares about it. Literally, I dream about infinite to-do lists and crashing websites. So while I still want to be involved in strategy and overseeing everything, there are many elements that I can delegate to people I trust. It’s exciting to start building a core team of great people and increasing our capacity to take on more, interesting projects.

So if I’m a little scarce posting on here, there are three good reasons. The new division is a few weeks away from launching – I’ll be back on here soon to introduce it.


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