Posted by: Jo Duxbury | 2 August 2009

What’s in a name?

Choosing a name for your pet is hard enough. Naming children is even worse. But naming a business must be the hardest.

Sure, your kids might hate you until they’re old enough to pop in at Home Affairs and change their name (I was lucky enough NOT to be named ‘Gaylyn’, despite that being my Dad’s first choice). Your pets won’t care. But your business’s name will impact on your clients, suppliers and staff.

What you call your business can also impact on its success. Is it memorable? Does it convey your brand values? Is it easy to spell, so people find your website quickly? Does it have positive connotations? Does it have any connotations at all? One of my freelancers wrote about this on Freelancentral recently and I feel her pain!

When I launched Freelancentral, I thought long and hard about what to call it and ended up choosing a name that ‘does what it says on the tin’. My web company suggested that I register (spot the small difference?) too and funnily enough, most of the site’s traffic comes via the mis-spelled domain. A lot of people also ask me how ‘Freelance’ is going. So even with a simple name, people can get it wrong.

Right now I’m christening my outsourced marketing consultancy. It’s been a nightmare trying to come up with a name that epitomises what we do. And once I’ve hit on something, I’ve been on a high for all of 30 seconds until an online search reveals that someone else thought of it first and the domains aren’t available.

Eventually I came up with a name that I think is perfect. And both the .com and domains were available (including the mis-spelled versions…) – hooray! As soon as the logo is finalised, I’ll do a Big Reveal here, so watch this space…


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