Posted by: Jo Duxbury | 27 May 2009

What recession?

Yesterday it was announced that South Africa experienced -6.4% growth in the last quarter. So we’ve finally joined the rest of the world in a recession.

Luckily, right now, I’m experiencing the opposite, and am billing over double year-on-year for the first 5 months of 2009. It’s not just me – two of my freelancer friends both posted on Facebook that they’d been at work since 2am and 3am this week and are overloaded with work. One is a graphic (print) designer; the other is a web designer and developer. Both are excellent at what they do.

I do get calls from freelancers who are panicking about the lack of work. My usual question is to ask ‘What are you doing to market yourself?’ – and usually the answer is ‘Erm, nothing… maybe just calling my usual clients to see if there is any work.’ That’s not enough in these times – active marketing is what will get your name out there and clients calling.

The work IS out there, and there’s a lot of it. You’ve just got to go and find it.


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