Posted by: Jo Duxbury | 29 April 2009

10 good reasons why non-marketers shouldn’t do their own marketing

I wrote a column for IT Web this month about why it’s a good idea to outsource to the pros when it comes to marketing – specifically if you don’t have trained/experienced marketers in-house. DIY marketing can often do more harm than good!


Marketing. It’s a word that strikes fear into the hearts of many business owners. It conjures up images of posh ad agencies and achingly trendy creatives; and meetings peppered with jargon like ‘integrated campaigns’, ‘sticky strategies’ and ‘monetising your online presence’. Shudder.

All this can understandably make you run away very fast – and rather try to handle your marketing yourself. Tempting as this is, just don’t do it. Why?

  1. You’ll look unprofessional. Don’t let amateurish or sub-standard marketing undermine your company’s reputation, products and services. Chances are you are not marketing experts and what you think is cool, might be a real no-no. (Check out for some examples…) Rather get a professional to do it – whether it’s a marketing consultant to help you with strategy, a designer to do a good corporate ID or a writer/proofreader to ensure your copy is clean. The ‘spar bath’s’ company that advertised in my local newspaper really should have done the latter. Yes, some clients will judge you based on poor grammar.
  2. Spending time on activities that aren’t your core offering is a waste. Rather focus on what you do well. Maybe you’re a techie. Maybe you have a financial background. You can’t be a specialist in everything. So do what you do well, and outsource the rest. A good marketing person or creative will be able to complete the task much faster than you will anyway.
  3. Just because you know your products inside out doesn’t mean you’ll be the best person to market them. In fact, usually this counts against you. Often because people know their industry so well, they assume a basic level of knowledge in their potential customers that just isn’t there. Get someone from outside your business to do your marketing and they’ll turn complex, technical or jargon-filled content into easily understandable messages.

Read the rest of my 10 tips here. What are your thoughts? Do leave a comment below 🙂



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