Posted by: Jo Duxbury | 14 March 2009

Vegetarian milk?

In my opinion, Woolworths is doing great things to make organic food readily available – and at not much of a price premium either. Cynics may say they’re just jumping on the organic bandwagon, but I like to think it’s not just a money-making ploy.

I’ve been buying their organic milk for ages, and when I saw last week that they are now supplying low-fat organic yoghurt, I put a pot in my trolley. When I got home I took a look at the ingredients and what should catch my eye but this label:

What on earth is ‘vegetarian milk’? I’m a vegetarian and would be horrified to learn that most of the products I’d assume to be vegetarian are in fact not. Some of Woolies’ yoghurt products were withdrawn last year for contaning gelatine – and most of their gummy sweets and jellies/trifles contain it too. (Gelatine is a common ingredient in most gummy confectionary (and marshmallows, jelly, etc.) around the world. Look for E441 if ‘gelatine’ is not listed as an ingredient.)

So what exactly IS ‘vegetarian milk’? A gimmick? Do Woolworths’ other dairy (or other) products that are NOT labelled ‘vegetarian’ contain animal products? Intrigued, I called the Woolies customer care centre last Friday where they took note of my enquiry and promised to call me back. It’s been a week and I’ve not heard anything, but I will keep you posted…

Update: 18 March: Still nothing from Woolies so I emailed them this afternoon. Let’s see if they respond to that…



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